EASE Focus 3.1

EASE Focus 3.1

Free Simulate audio system models to define various parameters
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Tweak the settings of array systems, subwoofer arrays, conventional loudspeakers, and other audio systems. Create their simulation models to determine such parameters as audience areas and section views. Perform the calculations of sound coverage and frequency response.

EASE Focus is intended for simulating the behavior of loudspeaker systems in a given venue. Luckily, it supports practically every major loudspeaker brand. Different types of hardware are allowed, including line arrays, configurable loudspeakers and columns, typical point sources and subwoofer arrays. Good news is that you can download a database from the manufacturer’s website. Moreover, there are also some manufacturers that allow downloading data specific for the hardware they sell.

This is definitely not the kind of program anyone can use and understand since it is actually intended for specialists in the field, mainly sound engineers. In this respect, it is very convenient that the product comes with a very detailed user guide.

The program’s interface is composed of three main screen areas. On the left, you can find the panes for Project Properties and the Object Properties, which you can use for editing line arrays, loudspeakers, pre-configured subwoofer arrays, audience zones, receivers and section planes. The top area lets you enter and modify audience zones, receivers, line arrays, pre-configured subwoofer areas, loudspeakers and section. The bottom area is where you go to modify audience areas for a given zone or change the aiming and position of the line array system. Moreover, there are tabs to access other features, such as Frequency Response, Levels and Distribution. Also, by switching to the Extended mode, you can access Time Response, Source Filter and Global Filter. Finally, on the right, there is the Rigging view.

In short, the tool’s interface also responds to the standard workflow, which consists in entering a venue type and defining the zones reserved to the audience. Fortunately, additional spatial parameters, like height, can be considered as well. Next, you can add sound systems and adjust each sound source. After the initial data entering, you can proceed to calculate the sound coverage on different audience zones. At this point, you can use different configurations until you achieve the expected results. Fortunately, the tool uses a very accurate calculation engine to this end.

Although some users have reported crashes on their systems, this does not seem to be the rule as the program behaved perfectly and stably on my PC. Anyway, should you have any of such problems, there is a forum where you can find answers.

All in all, EASE Focus is a generic three-dimensional, acoustic simulation software for the configuration and modeling of line array systems and loudspeakers that offers many advantages to both the end user and the R&D engineer. The product is absolutely free to download and use, which makes it a perfect combination of quality and affordability.

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  • Supports tridimensional data
  • Compatible with every major sound system manufacturer
  • Allows different types of sound hardware
  • Detailed user guide and support forum
  • Interface responding to the workflow
  • Powerful and accurate calculation engine


  • Occasional crashes


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